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          JFLF fully automatic backwash laminated filter

          JFLF fully automatic backwash laminated filter

          JFLF fully automatic backwash laminated filter

            Technical Parameters

            System working pressure

            Water pressure required for backwash

            Optimal water pressure

            Medium temperature

            PH value

            Number of units(Can be arbitrarily combined according to the flow)


            Control output voltage

            Pipe material: carbon steel, stainless steel, HDPE, etc.

            Product Feature

            Fully automatic backwash, continuous flow during backwash

            High filtration accuracy, small area, flexible assembly of multi- unit, and large flow filtration

            Filter organic matter: for example, carbonaceous organic matter dissolved in water, protein of fish and shrimp carcasses, seeds and algae.

            Filtration of inorganic matter: such as silt, clay, sediment, etc.

            Suitable for filtration of various water qualities, such as tap water, well water, surface water, circulating cooling water, etc.

            If the backwash pressure cannot be guaranteed by the outlet water pressure, external backpressure equipment can be used to achieve backwash

            working principle

            The filter has two operating states: filtering state and backwashing state.

            When the filter is in the filtering state, the turbid water is filtered through the laminations from the outside. The laminations are tightly squeezed together by the force of spring and water. The foreign particles are trapped at the intersection of the laminations, and the filtered purified water flows out of the filter.

            When a certain pressure differential is reached, or the system automatically enters the backwashing state within a set time, the controller controls the valve to change the direction of the water flow, and the lamination is released by the filter water pressure, and the nozzle located in the center of the filter is sprayed along the tangent line, then the lamination is rotated, impurities and particles are washed down from the lamination small groove and discharged through a sewage pipe. The filter lamination is compressed again and enters the filtering state.

            Product Application

          industry application function
          Steel industry, power industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry Circulating cooling process water for air-conditioning systems and instruments; Prevent circulating water impurities from blocking the pipeline, ensure the system's good circulation and heat exchange efficiency.
          Power, paper, steel, automotive, chemical Washing, rinsing, reusable water system; spray washing water, clean water, etc .; Remove impurities in water to meet application requirements
          Water treatment and pre protection    
          Wastewater treatment Direct wastewater drainage filtration, filtration before biological treatment, filtration before reclaimed water reuse Reduce impurities , organic matter,  algae, parasites etc. in water
          Seawater filtration
          Marine aquaculture, seawater circulating water, desalination Remove impurities and living organisms

            Technical Parameters

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