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          Electric brush-type self-cleaning filter

          Electric brush-type self-cleaning filter

          Electric brush-type self-cleaning filter

            Product introduction

            The electric brush-type self-cleaning filter produced by our company is divided into three types: JFDFW, JFDFY and JFDFL. It is a kind of precise equipment that directly intercepts the impurities in the water with a filter screen, removes suspended matter and particulate matter in the water, reduces turbidity, purifies the water quality, reduces the production of system dirt, bacteria,algae, rust and so on, purifies the water quality and protects other equipment of the system to work normally. Water enters the body of the self-cleaning filter from the water inlet. The motor drives the bull stick. The cleaning brush connected to the bull stick is used as the cleaning mechanism. The impurities accumulated on the filter screen are brushed off and driven out by the water flow. Because of Intelligent (PLC, PAC) design, the system can identify the degree of impurity deposition automatically, and Signal the drain valve to discharge automatically.

            operating principle

            When the water enters the filter screen from the inlet, impurities are trapped on the inner wall of the filter screen, the filtered clean water flows out from the outlet. When the impurities on the inner wall of the filter screen accumulate more, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the self-cleaning filter reaches the set value or the cleaning time, the filter will start the self-cleaning process. The entire self-cleaning process consists of two steps: the automatic drain valve located on the self-cleaning filter opens; The motor drives the cleaning brush in the filter screen of the self-cleaning filter to rotate, and the impurities intercepted by the filter screen are cleaned and brushed down and discharged from the drain valve. The system continuously flows during cleaning, and the entire operation process of the self-cleaning filter is controlled by an intelligent control box. Control is realized by PLC. There are three control modes: pressure difference, time and manual, which can be set arbitrarily.

            Product feature

            Simple design structure and small footprint;

            Short backwashing time, small pressure loss, and low water consumption of pollution discharge, not exceeding 1% of the total flow;

            High filtration accuracy, suitable for all kinds of water quality;

            There are three control methods: pressure difference, time and manual

            With motor overload protection, it can protect the motor effectively

            Uninterrupted water supply and no bypass required during cleaning and drainage;

            Strong maintainability, easy installation and removal

            Carbon steel anti-corrosion body case, stainless steel filter screen, long service life, and can be used for life without replacement

            Wide application: industrial water, sewage treatment, cooling water

            Main parameter

            Rated operating voltage: three-phase, AC220V / 380V, 50HZ

            unit flow: 19-1200m3 / h

            Working pressure: 1.0Mpa (can be customized according to user needs)

            Maximum working temperature: 80 ℃

            Filtration accuracy: 20 ~ 400 microns

            Control method: differential pressure, time or manual

            Cleaning time: 5 ~ 60s (adjustable)

            Speed of cleaning mechanism: 14-20rpm

            Cleaning pressure loss: 0.01Mpa


            Cooling water treatment: cooling tower, supplementary water system, air conditioning system, dc system water filtration, reduce the heat exchanger sediment, maintain its cooling effect.

            Raw water treatment: it can filter surface river water, lake water, seawater, reservoir water, well water and groundwater to remove sand, bacteria, algae, organic matter, etc.

            Industrial recycling water filtration: equipment with certain requirements for water quality. Such as: cooling tower, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, polishing, water pump, solenoid valve, ion exchanger, spray, heat exchanger or water supply and drainage pipeline , can filter out impurities in the water, avoid the pipeline, nozzle and other parts blocked.

            Irrigation: especially suitable for high flow, high impurity content of water, agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, parks, golf courses, grass irrigation

            Paper industry: tail water filtration

            Plastic industry: product recycling cooling water filtration

            JFDFW electric brush self-cleaning filter data sheet

            JFDFY electric brush self-cleaning filter data sheet


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